Keeping the fast

‘Keep the sacrifices that are appointed,
and commit your way to the Lord.’

So said the Psalmist and it’s still Godly advice.


Dearest Covenanters. As most of you will know from service announcements, this lent we are going deep into Pope Francis’ encyclical in our study series God’s Earth, Our Home. The series starts next Wednesday 17th – more on that soon.

Meantime, why not do something related to our theme? Commit to a genuine lenten fast as the ancients did – either a no meat or restricted meat diet. To see why follow this link

Start your lenten fast this Wednesday by coming to our Ash Wednesday service to make your vow.

I for one will find this a challenge. The first couple of weeks are always the hardest but together we can do it.

Warm regards in Christ

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